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Shock (Bungee) Cord

Shock Cord, also known as Bungee Cord, has a braided outer cover over a multi-strand natural rubber core. The polyester cover is tough, has a very high UV resistance and is ideal for outdoor and marine applicartions. The polypropylene cover is lower priced, is still waterproof with good UV resistance and is for more general purpose use.

All of our bungee shock cords are capable of 100% stretch elongation, although we do not recommend using a bungee rope at its maximum stretch. This is a safety precaution.

  • Marine, Sailing Boats and other Small Boats
  • Canoes and Kayaks
  • Caravans and Camping
  • Car, Boat and Trailer Covers
  • Roof-Racks, Pick-Ups and Curtain-Sides
  • Tarpaulins and Trampolines
  • Commercial and Industrial
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